CML Pendants - For those who have been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

The News That You Have Leukemia Is Devastating!

You may feel like you have been sucked into a vortex and are now living on a Parallel Universe. You may feel numb, like you are having a dream, okay, well a nightmare.

How can you tell your family and then, how are you going to be able to speak to your friends about it.  

I'd like to present my collection of 'DNA Mutant" Pendants. What better way then, to strike up a conversation and have a joke about it.  Seriously, you don't need the stress. Stress is the worst thing, and I found that the less I had of it, the better I coped.

It's not going to cure, but it will help you deal with it, with a little humor.

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Fiona T xoxo

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