Leanne Sosniak


Genealogical Profile for Experts in Genealogy – Leanne Sosniak

I’m a qualified history teacher and adult educator with 15 years research experience on my own family tree. I have been fortunate that my family history has been taught, fostered and discussed giving me clear understanding of connections of within the community that I grew up in. I love the fact that history is a giant jigsaw puzzle containing the elements of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? This inspires me to seek a deeper understanding of past lives beyond their vital statistics. I thoroughly enjoy imparting, teaching and sharing historical facts and stories to others. I believe that we all can learn new things in our genealogical journey to create interesting and challenging research problems to flesh out other unknown facts and possibilities. I believe firmly in reviewing and cross checking my own research; to uncover our ancestors’ lives through a combination of vital records and archival material as well as hunting down the physical artefacts, social history and use of geography. I’m a passionate “Home Historian” who sees history all around me. I enjoy researching, locating records and deciphering hand written documents. Passionate interests in Australian History

• Convict (Crime, Punishment and Opportunity)

• Colonial, • Explorers explorers • Gold Rush • Early land settlement

• Explorers explorers • Gold Rush • Early land settlement

• Gold Rush • Early land settlement

• Early land settlement