Laura Foenander

My name is Laura Foenander – Oldham
 l was born in Australia 1958, my parents came to Australia from Ceylon in 1955/ 1956 and married in Kynton Victoria in 1956. In order to come to Australia they had to have the Family History.  My birth name Foenander was from Sweden originally
I  liked history even as a child and when l became ill my father gave me the journal so l can update it. l began by writing to every Foenander possible even overseas via (Snail Mail as I call it) as the computer as we know it now was just coming into use
So that part of the genealogical journey began by writing and getting to know distant relations
and the tree has grown into 10’s of thousands world wide and will continue connecting everyone
And this journey will take me who knows where, because l also l love helping everyone the best l can with their own trees, and hope to do so via experts in genealogy with the countries of Ceylon, India, Australasia and other parts of the world