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  This is the perfect Research Service if you want to be able to pursue your Family History/Genealogy yourself.  We are here to guide and mentor you through the spectacular ‘Brick walls’ that you will inevitably find along your journey. You

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If you have some of the basic skills of research, or you have been away from the process of researching for a while, then this is the Service Package for you! We will have you back on track in a

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You’ve logged into and found too much information, you’re suffering from overwhelm.  Or, you just want to know more about where your family came from, your Genealogy/Family History, but you don’t have the knowledge or skill, or really, the

Meet The Team @ Experts In Genealogy

Expert Genealogy Professional Researcher

Fiona Tellesson

Founder & Genealogy Expert

Fiona Tellesson is the founder of Experts In Genealogy. She has been involved with and researching Family History, for over 48 years and has covered a wide range of interesting Family Stories. Her research has changed people’s lives for the

Leanne Sosniak

Genealogy Consultant

Leanne Sosniak is a passionate family historian. A fully qualified Adult Trainer who loves to lose herself down the myriad of ‘rabbit holes’ of genealogy.

Where do I come from Expert Genealogy AncestryDNA

Claire Stevenson

Genealogy Consultant

  Claire Stevenson Born in Victoria, Australia, Female, Married with 2 children and a cat. Claire started off reading a family book that her father gave her when she was 16 years old. This was researched by unknown relatives and

Expert Genealogy AncestryDNA

Laura Foenander

Genealogy Intern - Ceylon Specialist

Laura Foenander Consultant Genealogist – Ceylon

Expert Genealogy AncestryDNA Genealogy Researcher

Marie Coles

Genealogy Intern

Marie Coles became interested in her Family’s History in 1963 at the age of 12 after years of listening to her Grandparents and Great Grandparents stories, there began her love of Genealogy. She began her family history before computer’s existed